blueberry love

blueberry face
We can't get enough of them. Really. This year we bought 20 pounds of beautiful local berries. We ate about 5 pounds fresh and I froze the other 15 pounds. It seemed like lots at the time, but we've almost finished them off.
blueberry faces
Violet and Stella love them. It's so satisfying to feed them delicious healthy food. It's especially wonderful to feed Violet blueberries because she is still not very interested in non-mama-milk food. We just defrost the berries and put them through our handy dandy baby food mill.
blueberry bye-bye
Last fall we planted 5 of our very own blueberry bushes (2 Dukes, 2 Bluecrops, and a Blueray). We read that in order to get the bushes well established, we should pick off any flowers this year. That way the bush can use it's energy on roots and branches instead of fruit. So, no fruit from our bushes this year. But next year, we'll be rolling in blueberries. Or not. That could get messy.


  1. I really, really, really want to plant some blueberry bushes!!!

  2. i like your blog very much!it reminds me so mufh of my childhood. will be reading your past posts later today.

    your girls are just precious. looks like stella really loves her baby sister.

    i remember i was worried when my son refused any other food but milk. and then at exactly eleven months of age he pushed the bottle away and never once looked at it again, even when his sister was born two months later.

    i wish i had some fresh blueberries now. i only have frozen raspberries, though. i love to share them with my kids.

  3. Thanks for the comments Allyson and Eva. It is encouraging to get them. As a new blogger, I don't get that many. It's nice to know people are reading.

  4. stella looks so much like todd in that shot. and her bangs! they are so perfect!

    savannah is a milk-lovin' babe, too. i wish she liked blueberries as much as violet!