bibs, baby, bibs

bibs, originally uploaded by golly g.

I'm sewing these as fast as Violet is dirtying them. OK, maybe I'm not quite that fast.

It's so nice to use these. Well worth sewing. Love 'em.


  1. Your bibs are WAY cuter than the terry cloth "grandma loves me" variety that you find in the stores! :) You are going to need all those bibs with all those blueberries. Havea great weekend!

  2. very cute! wish i lived nearby you, so we could do another sewing tutorial day. remember those little bags we made? chelsea uses mine now for finger puppets.
    ps we have the grandma loves me bibs. and yeah, they are way uncuter than yours.

  3. So cute! I love the fabric choices you used - nice and dark to hide the stains! I wish my son still wore bibs : (