february flora

I know it's a cliche (because of V Day), but I love flowers in February. I need them this time of year - they bring cheer to my winter doldrums.
february flora - valentine's tulip
This pink tulip was a Valentine's Day gift from my husband to his girls. Stella has a special relationship with flowers. She has been saying that she wants to be a florist for the last year. She draws beautiful flowers and can remember the names of lots of wildflowers. Anyhow, her little 4-year-old face just lite up when she saw the tulips from Todd.
february flora - snowdrops
These baby snowdrops have just popped up in my garden. They are my favourite sign that spring is on its way. I'm especially happy to see these ones because I planted them last spring when I was miserable in my nauseous pregnant body. It was an accomplishment to do anything 'extra' - and believe me, bending over and digging in my garden was definitely extra. But I did it. These snowdrops remind me that I managed.
february flora - helleborus
Look what else is blooming in my garden right now. The lovely Hellebore Ivory Prince. The flowers are cream, pink, and green - a wonderful colour combination. I got three of these plants for my birthday from my mom and dad - a perfect gift.
february flora - me
My last February flower is me. Yup. 35 years ago my mom named me after this wildflower.


  1. hi ginger, came across your blog because i have an online guide focused on growing and making, which is similar to your focus.. we also have a twitter @growandmake

  2. Happy Birthday! :)
    Your photographs are beautiful - how many days until Spring?!?

  3. It's too too far off - March 21st!

  4. love the photos... esp the last one. i never knew you were named for a wildflower.

  5. Love your blog and store! im adding u to my blog roll :)